1. How can I be sure that I receive the shirt size I want?
We do our best to order enough of each size to accommodate all size requests, however we can’t ‘guarantee’ all runners get exactly the size they prefer.

2.  Are strollers or Bicycles allowed on course? What about dogs or headphones?
With the safety of our participants in mind, there will be no strollers or bicycles allowed on the course. Again for the safety of all, canine companions are not allowed and the use of headphones is strongly discouraged.

3. Will there be Walker participant categories?
Yes. Because of the growing number of walkers taking part in our event, this year we are adding separate walker categories to our registration sites. This allows us to post separate results for the walkers. We encourage participation of walkers in all events and ask that you walk no more than two abreast so that others may pass easily. Walkers who complete their race distance will have their official chip time and will receive a finisher’s medal.

4. How Long Will the Course Be Supported? Is an Early Start Available?  

The course will be officially open and supported from 8:00 AM until 1:30 PM. For marathon walkers only, if you feel you may not complete the marathon course within 5 1/2 hours, the 7:00 AM start option is available.

5. What Services Are Available on the Course? Is there First Aid Available?
The course will be marked in metric at every kilometer. We will have water and an energy drink available on the course approximately every 3 kilometers. We will also have volunteers responsible for traffic control and directing participants at regular intervals. First aid will also be available on course.

6. Are there Washroom Facilities on Course?
Several washroom stops will be available along the Half Marathon and Marathon route(s). There are public washrooms along the trail portion and are marked on the route maps.

7. Are there Awards?

Award ceremonies will begin at approximately 10:30 for the 5K and 10K events and at noon for the half and full marathon events. Award categories will include:  Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers, male and female in all age categories. Finisher medals will be awarded in all events as runners complete their race.

 Click here for a break down of the categories.

8. What Weather Can I Expect?

Temperatures in late October generally fall between 6 degrees and minus 2 degrees Celsius, with an average of approximately 2 degrees. Historically, weather patterns indicate very little chance of snow.  In the event of inclement weather, the events will proceed.

9. What is Chip Timing?

Chip timing service will be provided by Atlantic Chip Event Timing. Participants in all events will be chip timed. The timing device is a small lightweight device that will be part of your bib. Timed event results will be posted on the Atlantic Chip Timing website.

10. When is Kit Pick-up?
Kit pick up is available on Saturday, October 22th from 11 - 5pm and on race morning beginning at 6:30 AM. You may have someone else pick up your kit for you. If you do this please ask the person picking up for you to make the volunteers aware.

11. How and When Can I Register?
Registration is available on line until 5PM Saturday, October 22nd (unless sold out). Manual registration will be accepted on Saturday, during the race kit pick up (11 - 5 pm). PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.

12. I am injured… can I get a refund after I have paid?
No, but you can either transfer your registration to another runner or we can defer your registration until next year. To transfer, simply go to the registration site that you used to register and select transfer or for a deferral to the next year, email legsforliteracy.com

13.Can I transfer my registration to another runner?
Yes. This can be done on both registration sites for a nominal administrative fee of $10.oo. To transfer, simply go to the registration site that you used to register and select “transfer”.

14. What Route surface should I expect along the course?
Full Marathon Route:  The approximate breakdown of the surface is: 12km asphalt streets, 4km asphalt path, 26km unpaved trail (hard packed tailings). Half marathon: 8km asphalt road and trail, and 13km unpaved trail. 10K route - 10km of asphalt. 5K route - 5k of asphalt.

15. Are there any volunteering opportunities?

We have plenty of need for volunteers. Please email legsforliteracy.com to let us know if you can help. You will be given a complimentary volunteer t-shirt and have the chance to win many draw prizes. 

16. Bag storage area?

We will have a bag storage area open on Sunday morning starting at 7:00am, where bags are tagged and secured.