Race Weekend Tips
  1. Race Weekend Tips
  2. 1. Limited parking is available behind the Delta Beausejour for those that arrive early. Check our parking map for other downtown locations. Please carpool and only park in the lots approved and shown on the map. http://legsforliteracy.com/site/media/Parent/Public+Parking+Map.pdf
    2. There will be porta potties near the start line and along the route. Washrooms are also available in the Delta Beausejour. Expect line ups.
  4. 3. VERY IMPORTANT. The course will be very crowded. ALWAYS stay to the right (except when instructed otherwise by a volunteer or signage) keeping left side clear for passing or oncoming runners/walkers. 
  5. 4. Position yourself at the start according to your time. Walkers at the back, etc. There will be signage.
    5. NO strollers or pets allowed on the course.
    6. Ear buds are STRONGLY discouraged. However, we know you will wear them so keep the volume low, wear in one ear only, or at least leave them out for the first 5K so you can hear the announcements at the start and any warnings from the lead cyclists. PLEASE
    7. Bibs must be on front and visible at all times. Do not bend the bib as the timing chip is on the back.
    8. Pictures will be available from www.marathonphotos.com so smile when you see the photographers.
    9. We will have a bag storage area open on Sunday morning starting at 7:00am, where bags are tagged and secured. Bring only what you need for after race.
    10. Pick up your race info on Saturday October 24th at the Delta Beausejour 11am to 5pm or have a friend do it. Sunday pick up at race site 6:30 - 7:45 as last resort.
    11. Visit our Expo when you pick up your kit on Saturday, and check out our vendors and guest speakers.
    12. 7:00 am start for Marathoners slower than 5 hours.
    13. Check the results when posted. You may have won an award. 5k and 10k awards can be picked up after 10:30am. Half and full after 12:00pm
    14. Drink plenty of water and thank a volunteer - often.

  16. 15. Don’t forget to visit our recovery area after you cross the finish line. There will be food and water available as well as chocolate milk.
    16. Massages are available in the Delta Beausejour hotel.
  18. 17. Be prepared for all weather possibilities. You may wish to wear an extra layer to the start line. We will pick up discarded clothing and, if unclaimed, will donate to local charitable organizations.