Team Relay

Killam Properties Team Relay

Killam Properties Marathon Team Relay 

The Killam Properties Marathon Team Relay is going to be one FUN event, so grab your team whether it’s co-workers, friends, neighbours or family and enjoy a fantastic race weekend experience with 4,000 fellow participants! The Relay will cover the entire marathon course in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe, 42.2KM, and will take place on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016. Each team member will receive a technical running shirt, a bib with your team name and of course, a cool IGT Legs for Literacy finisher medal.

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Important Relay Information
  • The Team Captain serves as the point of contact with Legs for Literacy staff. The Team Captain sets up and registers the team, registers his or her own information and pays the team registration fee of $500. The Relay team members are responsible for registering themselves. Race Roster has easily identified Captain Registration and Team Members Registration on the Relay Registration page.
  • Each team requires a Team Captain and a team name
  • The registration cost for each team is $500, regardless of the number of team members. Register through Race Roster
  • There will be a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) team members per team (teams of 5,6, or 7 will work as long as all 8 legs are covered)
  • The marathon route is NOT closed to traffic; traffic at intersections is managed by police to allow runners to pass; the majority of the time you will be running with the flow of traffic; stay close to the curb or on the sidewalk
  • Team Relay route is divided into eight legs of varying distance between 3.8KM and 6.4KM
  • Each Relay member will be required to wear an additional bib on their back with the word RELAY; this informs marathon participants that you are a Relay participant
  • Team names must be submitted no later than midnight, September 30th to allow time for names to be added to bibs. Tip: Name your team something fun and unique, but keep it short, (under 20 characters), remember it has to go on a bib! Teams will determine who runs what leg. Tip: if you are a team of four, each member should run two consecutive legs
  • Participants under the age of 18 will require parental consent
  • Our policy of no strollers or pets applies to the Team Relay as well.
  • The first relay leg starts with the Full Marathon at 8:00am on Main Street at Assumption Place.
  • Each team is self-sufficient, ensuring transportation for each member to and from their assigned legs; try to keep your team’s vehicles to a minimum Tip: expand your team building – ask a non-runner to help with transportation and make them part of the team. Everybody wins!
  • The official race closure time is 2:00pm; relay teams must complete the distance in six hours.
  • Finish as a team and enhance the experience! Teams are allowed to meet their last leg member run in across the finish line together if they choose (remember to use runner etiquette, do not to block any marathon finishers)
  • Team Captains are responsible for putting their team together, ensuring that the team registration is paid, that all team members are registered, that all team members have signed their waivers before race weekend, that each team member is at their transition zone 30 minutes before their team member arrives. The Captain will be the primary contact person with Legs for Literacy staff should questions arise. Each team member will be required to wear a bib with their team name and team number.
  • There will be a Team Captain’s meeting approximately two weeks prior to the relay. It’s very important for all captains to attend. We will review the relay legs, general guidelines and answer any additional questions; location, date and time to be determined