Traffic Disruptions
Traffic disruptions map

Due to traffic and safety concerns, all roads included on the course will be coned or barricaded.
In Moncton:
From 6:00 AM -3:30 PM - Main Street from Westmorland Street to Assomption Boulevard will be completely closed to traffic from 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Mechanic Street will also be completely closed during the same time period.
Additionally, from 6am until 11am (re-opening as soon as last runners go by):
• Full closure of west-bound lanes on Assomption from Main St. to Lutz St.
• Full Closure of Lutz St. from Assomption to Main
• Full closure of Record and Albert streets
• One-lane closure of Assomption between Albert St. and Vaughan Harvey
• One-lane closure (north-bound) and bike lane of Vaughan Harvey Blvd from Assomption Blvd. to John St.
• Full closure of east-bound lanes on Main St. from Vaughan Harvey to Lutz St.
• Full Closure of St. George St. from Vaughan Harvey to Highfield St
• One-lane closure (south-bound traffic) of Highfield from St George to Dufferin
• Full closure of Dufferin St. from Highfield to Weldon
• Full closure of Weldon St. from Dufferin to John
• Full closure of Cameron St. from John St. to Park St.
• Full closure of Park St. from Cameron St. to High
• Full closure of High Street from Park St. to John
• One-lane closure (East-bound) of John St. from Weldon to Vaughan Harvey
Controlled access for residents of closed streets will be permitted